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A little something about us

Today Is The Best Day

Surrounding yourself with family, friends and colleagues that buzz with vitality and passion for life is infectious. Even when times are personally challenging, it allows you to start each day in a state of gratitude, hope and positivity. We want to help you achieve that feeling day after day!

Pay It Forward

As well as being a retailer, we want to use our website as an information exchange. So, we’ve designed a blog for all our users to share links to services and organisations that have become a mainstay of their lives. Your recommendation could just hit the spot and change someone else’s life.

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Our values

Your Nuts is an independent retailer, founded in the beautiful, bustling Pennine village of Holmfirth. Our aim is to serve and support our customers with specific health or dietary requirements and those who want to take responsibility for their ongoing well-being.

We select all of our products and services based on them adding value to our customers. Our team are product experts and our association with registered practitioners in nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy help us to provide a holistic service.

Ask our advice

We sponsor community projects that aim to improve health and well-being. We are active supporters of small, regional suppliers and ethical trading principles; and we encourage recommendations for new products and services from our customers.

Tell us what you think

Meet the team

Lyn Marritt Store Manager

Lyn previously worked as a nurse for over 30 years until joining Your Nuts Wholefoods as Store Manager, where she has transferred her knowledge to provide healthcare, supplement and nutritional advice to customers. Lyn strongly believes knowledge of the human body; alternative medicines and therapies go hand in hand with conventional medicine.

Lyn’s favourite thing to do is spend her free time with family and friends and says playing with her granddaughter is her most enjoyable past time.

Lyn loves spending a great amount of time out in the garden watching the wildlife around her pond- Growing herbs and researching their many uses this knowledge has increased since starting in the health food sector.

Lyn is a member of the local WI

Lyn’s favourite essential oil is patchouli (evoking happy memories)

Lyn would love to have tea at the Ritz one day!

Becca QuinnOperations/Accounts Manager

Becca’s career started 10years ago working in retail for Next plc, where she progressed over the years in various managerial roles within the company, before ending up here as Operational/Accounts Manager for Your Nuts Wholefoods.

In 2010 Becca was diagnosed as having a Wheat Intolerance also known as Coeliac. When she then had to make changes in her diet, the lack of awareness in the condition and choice of foods available were somewhat frustrating. Therefore Becca’s always on the lookout for new products we can add to our Special Dietary Requirements range, so others don’t experience the same problems.

When Becca’s not working she’s busy keeping her young daughter – and husband – in check at home, where family time is spent at the Park, Swimming, walking, even singing the odd Nursery Rhyme!!

Becca loves to have a sing-a-long when driving (so no one can hear)!

Christmas is Becca’s favourite time of the year.

Becca would one day like to go shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Mel FullerManaging Director

Mel worked in manufacturing and retail before establishing her own consultancy company in 2009. She has always held an active interest in physical and emotional well-being and has experienced significant benefits over the years through little step changes in her lifestyle.

A busy working mum to two boys and two rabbits, Mel loves spending her free time with friends and family (in the glorious outdoors preferably!). She has been involved with Girl Guiding UK since she was a Brownie and is a member of a long-standing book club (aka… restaurant critics, therapy group and red wine appreciation society!).

Mel’s favourite smell is fresh linen that has been dried outside. Her second favourite is Coco Chanel!

The place that Mel would most like to visit is Petra.

Despite years of trying, Mel has been unable to master the art of juggling!

Leanne AinleyMarketing Co-ordinator

Leanne has worked within retail management for over 12 years for various companies, where she acquired knowledge and skills that enabled her to fit into the position of Marketing Co-ordinator within Your Nuts Wholefoods. It is since taking on this role that she is enjoying a new found passion for all things good and Healthy!

When Leanne’s not working, as well as socialising with friends and family - and making sure her two cats are behaving - she loves to play Mummy to her young son doing fun things such as exploring in the park, maybe even climbing the odd tree!

Leanne’s favourite way to relax is baking cakes and decorating them in beautiful sugar craft, which is something she has developed a flare for over the years and has become somewhat of a hobby for her.

Leanne loves the smell of fresh cut lilies and lavender.

Leanne’s favourite place is the beautiful Maldives.

Johanna Menneer Freelance Sensory Consultant

Jo has worked as a Sensory Scientist in the food and drink industries for over 15 years. Her job has involved working with UK and worldwide-based food and drink manufacturers, helping them to profile their products’ aroma and flavour characteristics and training individuals how to taste food and drink effectively (her specialism is in wine and beer tasting – someone’s got to do it.....). Jo now lives near York where she juggles work with raising her young family and three spoilt chickens. She is a passionate home cook, using ‘natural’ local and seasonal foods wherever possible.

Jo’s favourite pastimes are hill walking, running and road cycling. She has recently cycled from Morecambe to Bridlington, trekked 100kms non-stop for charity and completed her first mud run!

Jo loves to cook whilst listening (and jigging) to Kate Rusby

Jo loves to read Kate Atkinson and Maggie O’Farrell